Modular homes often suffer from looking boxy and poorly detailed, with rooms limited in dimension and character, which has caused the market to perceive them as of less quality than a home built on the site. Having built a number of modular homes, Gotham has learned work-arounds to avoid these limitations. The reality is that modular construction can be superior to stick-built. Assembled under cover, the materials are not subjected to weather during construction. The tools used in the factory can have a tighter tolerance than can be achieved on-site. To survive the forces both of being trucked to the site and then lifted into place, the modular components must be stronger than conventional construction. Gotham has found that the excessively boxy look of modular homes can be mitigated by adding conventionally constructed components at the site. When working with modulars, Gotham does not have the modular company provide the exterior finish on the house. The units are delivered with the roof and windows intact, but without the exterior siding and trim. While this increases the cost of the home, it allows the exterior to have the integrity that is difficult to accomplish when provided as part of the modular package.


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