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Gotham Design & Community Development Ltd. is a placemaking firm providing complete design, management, and planning services for projects ranging in scale from additions and renovations, to new homes to large mixed-use development projects. Gotham has created stand-alone buildings, but is also experienced with infill buildings within existing communities and has transformed places through the adaptive/reuse of existing buildings.



Gotham Design & Community Development Ltd. is committed to creating buildings and places of the highest quality. As the Congress for the New Urbanism has been saying for a while now, our goal is to build places that people love. At Gotham, in addition to the traditional values of aesthetics and construction methodologies, we measure the quality of architecture by the ability of buildings to relate comfortably with their environment, as well as to inspire and support the people who will experience the places that they create. At Gotham, it's all about the people and the place.


Gotham has two goals. The first is to help our clients achieve their needs and desires. The second is to do good work.


Each client comes to us with something that they want to do. It may be a new house to accommodate a growing family, a new space to serve their business, or figuring out a way to make their community more vibrant and sustainable. Regardless of what the project consists of or its program, Gotham assumes these needs as its own and becomes the advocate for the client.

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